BMW Brakes in Austin: Why to Inspect, When to Change, and Where to Change

BMW Brake Inspections 

Unlike with some other BMW services--like tire rotations, battery replacement, or oil changes--there is no set recommendation for brake changes. Replacing your brakes are completely dependent on your driving style, your commute, and your vehicle, so it's nearly impossible to estimate an exact time or distance interval between brake changes.

The average lifespan of brake pads is around 50,000 miles. However, if you have a really hilly commute or you're a more adventurous driver, you could expect your brake pads to wear out somewhere around 20,000 miles. If you have a gentle daily driving route and you're really soft on your brakes, your brake pads could even last well past that 50,000 miles! The wear and tear on your brakes is truly situational, luckily our BMW Service Department technicians will be able to identify if there's an issue and if they need to be replaced, we will find the perfect BMW parts or brakes needed for your vehicle.

Great news: here at BMW of South Austin, our factory-trained service technicians will be happy to do a quick visual or physical inspection of your entire brake system when you come in for any essential BMW service. Simply mention at the drop-off that you'd like us to take a look at your brakes, and we can recommend any needed BMW brake repair, brake replacement, and any other services your new or used BMW may need! 

A few red flags to keep an eye out for are a grinding or squealing noise when you apply the brakes, a lag or spongy response when you try to brake, a sharp, burning smell after applying brakes frequently, or any dashboard alert regarding your brakes.

Contact us immediately if you notice any of the above cautionary signs.

BMW Performance Braking Kits

General rules of care, maintenance, and replacement will also apply to BMW Performance Brake Kits that help you further tune your vehicle for optimal athleticism and driving precision. These top-of-the-line systems are better at relieving heat buildup, and better at shedding water to improve stopping power over conventional braking systems.

If you have questions about changing or replacing your BMW performance brakes, please contact our service technician team for assistance or schedule a service appointment today!

Also, be sure to take advantage of any of our other BMW service coupons we have to offer and check out the BMW recommended maintenance schedule to see if you need any other BMW maintenance.

BMW Brake Repair in Austin

BMW knows a thing or two about acceleration--about the thrill of the leap, the heart-pounding enthusiasm of charging out of a corner or blasting down a straightaway. But with all of that power, all of that push for speed and forward movement, comes the natural balance of opposition. With the go, must come the stop.

That's why BMW brakes are some of the most advanced in the world, and why it's important to put the care of your brakes into the hands of the people who know them best. Give us a call or stop by our BMW Service Center today!

Frequently Asked Questions About BMW Brakes

How Much Are BMW Brakes?

The price of BMW brakes will vary depending on the specific parts you need, and what year and model BMW you drive. Contact us with some of those details and we can get you a price!

How Do You Reset the BMW Brake Light?

If your brake lights turn on, it's important to get your brakes inspected by an authorized BMW Service Center to make sure your brakes are working properly. Once you're sure nothing is wrong, follow these simple steps: first, insert the key or key fob into the ignition. Next, move the key to position 2, but do not start the ignition. Lastly, open the driver's door and wait about 10 seconds. After completing the above steps, the brake light should be reset.

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

The lifespan for brake pads varies significantly depending on your driving style, the terrain on which you drive, how much you use them, and more. BMW brake pads will typically last anywhere from 20,000 miles to 70,000 miles if you're more gentle on your brakes. We recommend referencing your BMW owner's manual for recommended maintenance internal information for your specific BMW model or getting them inspected at an authorized BMW Service Center to be sure.

Who Makes BMW Brakes?

BMW actually does not make its own brakes and braking systems. BMW has multiple third-party suppliers that make the highest quality parts for their braking systems. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about what part your specific BMW model needs.



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