What is the BMW Recommended Maintenance Schedule?


After you've bought your new or new-to-you BMW from BMW of South Austin, you're probably going to want to ensure it stays in the best possible condition for as long as possible. To answer the questions you have around what maintenance your BMW will need as it ages, whether it's an oil change or tire servicing, BMW has compiled a Maintenance Schedule, which helpfully lists all the maintenance your BMW needs to stay in the best shape, regardless of how many years you drive it around the Austin, San Marcos and Buda area.

Before you schedule service with the service department BMW of South Austin, take a look at your vehicle's owner's manual, and at the list below, to see what you can expect.

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BMW Preventative Maintenance: Every 5,000 Miles / 6 Months

Two to three times a year, or every 5,000 miles, expect to bring your BMW in for the following routine preventative maintenance:

  • Brake fluid check
  • Brake inspection, front and rear
  • Cabin air filter inspection
  • Coolant check
  • Engine inspection
  • Engine oil check
  • Tire rotation, if necessary
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Wiper blade inspection

Helping you keep track of your BMW's needed service, the Condition Based Service Monitor tracks the condition of important systems in your BMW and can tell you if you immediately require service. Our technicians also use this system to determine what we need to repair or replace when you make a service call.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Depending on how and where you drive, and in what conditions, the amount and type of maintenance your BMW will need will vary. Read your owner's manual for a detailed breakdown of common service tasks, but here's what you can expect:

  • Every 10,000 miles, or yearly: replace engine oil, oil filter, and coolant
  • Every 20,000 miles, or every two years: inspect and replace fuel filters
  • Every 30,000 miles, or every three years:
    • Replace brake fluid (after the first replacement, every 60,000 miles)
    • Replace transmission fluid on manual-transmission BMWs
  • Every 60,000 miles, or every six years:
    • Replace engine air filter and spark plugs
    • Inspect and replace brake pads and brake rotors, as necessary
    • Replace transmission fluid on automatic-transmission BMWs
  • Every 90,000 miles, or every nine years: replace timing belts and hoses

After 90,000 miles, repeat the above cycle, and always keep up your 5,000-mile basic maintenance structure. Also remember that your BMW's New Vehicle Limited Warranty will expire at 50,000 miles, so it's a good idea to get covered repairs done before then. You'll also want to replace the battery around the 50,000-mile mark.

What's BMW Ultimate Care+?

The ultimate peace of mind for the road ahead comes with an extended warranty: BMW Ultimate Care, BMW Ultimate Care+, or BMW Value Service. These programs extend your warranty coverage for up to 7 years or 125,000 miles, or even for as long as you own or lease your BMW.

Under these packages, all the service performed on your vehicle will be done at an authorized BMW Center, by BMW Trained Technicians, using only BMW Original Parts. That means that, for as long as you have your BMW, it'll remain the Ultimate Driving MachineĀ® - and when you upgrade to Ultimate Care+ 1, 2, 3, or 4, you'll save up to 30% on scheduled maintenance by paying in advance.

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