There's little doubt that the all-new 2019 BM X5 is The Boss when it comes to power, performance, capability, and design.

But, every good boss knows how to hit that perfect work-life balance--and the BMW X5 excels at that, too.

The 2019 BMW X5 is loaded with convenience and comfort features to make any commute, grocery run, or day trip feel like first-class and beyond.


Secure, Easy-Load Cargo

Make full use of 34 - 72 cubic feet of available interior BMW X5 cargo space, with intuitive and simple features. Anti-slip strips built into the cargo area keep items like coolers, suitcases, boxes, and even groceries from moving and sliding while the vehicle is in motion--it seems like just a minor added convenience, but it can make a big difference transporting delicate goods.

An available air suspension can also adjust the height of the cargo floor with just the push of a button, to increase ease of loading and to improve ride quality when carrying heavier loads. If your arms are full, the available hands-free liftgate technology opens the rear hatch with just a wave of your foot.


Premium Leather Upholstery

Smart and simple SensaTec upholstery comes standard on the 2019 BMW X5--it's a cost-effective, easy-clean way to have the premium look and feel of leather without the added work and care of owning real leather.

However, if you need the real thing, BMW offers two stunning options: Merino fine-grain and Vernasca quilted leather upholstery. Both are gorgeous, soft-touch seating material options.


Let the team at BMW of South Austin show you all of the incredible new first-class features in the all-new 2019 BMW X5. Now, your guilty pleasure and your daily driver can be one and the same.

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